DLS in Cybersecurity mit Daniel Keim: The Power of Visual Analytics for Security Applications

31. Januar 2019 von 16:15 – 17:15 Uhr

Ort: TU Darmstadt | Piloty-Gebäude S2|02 | Raum C 110 | Hochschulstraße 10 | Darmstadt

Dozent/-in: Prof. Daniel Keim, Universität Konstanz

Never before in history data is generated and collected at such high volumes as it is today, in particular in security applications. For the analysis of large data sets to be effective, it is important to include the human in the data exploration process and combine the flexibility, creativity, and general knowledge of humans with the enormous storage capacity and the computational power of today's computers.

Visual Analytics helps to deal with the flood of information by integrating the human in the data analysis process, applying its perceptual abilities to the large data sets. Presenting data in an interactive, graphical form provides effective ways to understand and analyze large data sets, allowing novel discoveries and empowering individuals to take control of the analytical process.

The talk presents the potential of visual analytics and discusses the role of automated versus interactive visual techniques in dealing with large data sets. A variety of application examples ranging from critical infrastructure protection over cyber security to criminal investigation illustrate the exciting potential of visual analysis techniques but also their current limitations.

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