The economic and technological dimensions of ATHENE’s research findings aid policy-makers in their decision-making processes.

These policy-makers frequently call on ATHENE researchers for their expertise. Professor Michael Waider, CEO of ATHENE, testified at an NSA investigation committee hearing in summer 2014 in the capacity of an expert.

Our researchers are regularly invited as cybersecurity experts to meetings on federal and state policies, such as the research summit in April 2016 or to the E-Justice Conference hosted by the Hessian state government in September 2015. They also participate in political delegation visits in Europe and abroad, such as in 2016 during Minister for Europe Puttrich's visit to Estonia and accompanying the mayor of Darmstadt to the USA.

Trade delegations from other countries are welcomed to visit ATHENE in order to become familiar with cybersecurity research.

In one cooperation project with the Hessian state government, cybersecurity researchers at Darmstadt are intensively working on pressing issues related to privacy protection. Their common aim is to raise awareness for cybersecurity in companies as well as within state institutions and among the general populace. This cooperation was validated through the establishment of the “Round-Table Cybersecurity Hessen” in February 2016.