CRISP-Scientists in the program comittee of the renowed conference

From the 29th, April until the 3rd, May 2018 leading scientists of the world are coming together in Israel for the International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, EUROCRYPT. CRISP-Scientists Prof. Sebastian Faust and Dr. Thomas Schneider, both CYSEC [at] TU Darmstadt, are members of the program committee.

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Embedded world 2018

Podium discussion »Safe for the Future«

For the third time the podiums discussion „Safe for the Future“ takes place of the second day of the fair embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2018. It is all about security of embedded systems and the protection of computer and communication channels. Prof. Michael Waidner, Deputy CRISP-Speaker, Director of Fraunhofer SIT and Professor at TU Darmstadt is a member of the podiums discussion, which is presented by von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora, member of the Steering Board of embedded world Conference and Scientific Director of the Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

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Swedish Biometrics Forum Meeting

Lecture by Prof. Christoph Busch

Memebers of the Swedish Biometrics Forum come together to exchange the latest research results, requirements and developments of Biometrics. Prof. Christoph Busch from the Universtiy of Applied Sceinces Darmstadt gives a lecture on the topic of "Biometrics and Presentation Attack Detection".

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DLS in Cybersecurity in summer term 2018

International experts of cybersecurity talk about their research

With the Distinguished Lectures Series in Cybersecurity, every semester, we invite outstanding experts from science and industry to Darmstadt to discuss the multifaceted prospects and challenges of IT Security.

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Lecture about Smart City / Smart Region

Prof. Michael Waidner, Deputy CRISP-Speaker, Director of Fraunhofer SIT and professor of TU Darmstadt, gives a lecture on the topic of “Smart City/Smart Region” at the congress for smart identity solutions and thereby presents innovative Cybersecurity innovations for cities. These take into account the interests of the citizens, authorities and economy and range from the development over integration to the use of information technology as well as a secure configuration and handling of incidents, within their life cycle.

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CRISP researchers publish 3 papers at EUROCRYPT 2018

Top-Positions for the submitting institutions

Three papers of CRISP researchers of TU Darmstadt were admitted at the EUROCRYPT 2018. With that the TU Darmstadt ranks at the 7th position of all submitting institutions. EUROCRYPT is one of the world’s top conferences in the area of cryptography and is the leading conference in Europe within this area.

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Closing event of the 1. German-Israeli Partnership-Accelerators

Young Cybersecurity talents present new product ideas of Cybersecurity zeigen neue Produktideen zur Cyber­sicher­heit

With the presentation of new Cybersecurity developments the first run of the Hessian-Israeli Partnership-Accelerator (HIPA) closed at the 9th, January. At the closing event at the Hessischen Landesvertretung in Berlin the participating project teams presented their new possible solutions for the quality control of Cloud-services, for the security of Internet infrastructures as well as for the resistance against spam attacks and Denial-of-Service attacks against e-mail accounts. HIPA is the first and only German-Israeli Accelerator with the main emphasis on Cybersecurity.

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Biometrics Israel 2018

CRISP-Sceintist gives lecture

In his lecture at Biometrics Israel Prof. Christoph Busch, University of Applied Sciences, concerns himself with the questions: "What is a Presentation Attack? And how do we detect it?". He demonstrates, that biometric recognistion systems can be decieved. During his lecutre he espcially adresses the Fingerprint, Eye and Face Recongition.

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CRISP-Scientist speakes about security for automotive IT

Youtube-Video "Vertrauen kommt mit dem Anker - Automotive und Cyber­sicher­heit"

In a youtube-video of Fraunhofer InnoVisions CRISP-Scientist Andreas Fuchs, Fraunhofer SIT, presents the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and its use for vehicles. With this software platform Fraunhofer SIT wants to provide more security for cars.

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Three new Privacy Firendly-Apps available

SECUSO-Research group presents new Game-Apps for android devices

 With the games „Battleship“, „Rock-Paper-Scissors“ and “Ludo” SECUSO –Research group of TU Darmstadt publishes three new game-apps for Android devices, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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