Press Releases of ATHENE

Conference radar for cybersecurity

© Fraunhofer SIT

Planning scientific publications made easy: ATHENE launches new service for researchers in the fields of cybersecurity and data protection

Darmstadt, 21.07.2020. Starting immediately, the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE offers a wide-ranging overview of the most important scientific conferences in the fields of cybersecurity and data protection at Currently, the list includes more than 100 events and it can be filtered by event dates and submission deadlines. Additional filtering options allow for quickly finding suitable publication opportunities of various research topics, while taking into account the scientific reputation of each event listed.

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Freezing the Web

© Katrin Binner

Darmstadt’s cybersecurity scientists uncover vulnerabilities in JavaScript-based Web Servers

Darmstadt, April 5, 2018.  Everybody, who uses the Internet, is familiar with the problem: you need information of a web site urgently, want to make a booking or an online-purchase, but the required web site does not load. Common measures, such as restarting your computer or checking the WiFi connection, are not always successful, sometimes it also helps to wait for some time and then try again. Scientists at the Center for Research in Security and Privacy, CRISP demonstrate that malicious intentions may cause such scenarios. The scientists discovered vulnerabilities in JavaScript software modules, which allow cyber criminals to freeze specific web sites, so that other users cannot access the web site anymore.

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Awards for Germany´s best innovation in IT-Security

© Catharina Frank

Darmstad,t October 6, 2017. The Horst Görtz Foundation awarded the German IT-security prize for the sixth time today at the Center for Research in Security and Privacy (CRISP), in which Prof.Dr. Johanna Wanke took over patronage for the Federal Ministry for Research for the very first time. A jury of experts selected the best market relevant innovations in IT-security from over 45 entries. The first place prize, 100.000 Euros went to Harvester-die Entwicklung einer vollautomatischen Extraktion von Laufzeitwerten aus Android-App. The second place prize, 60.000 Euros went to  Joern-Intelligente Schwachstellensuche durch Graphik-Mining. The third place prize, 40.000 Euros went to, Social Sec- A Serious Game on Social Engineering.

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