IT-Sicherheit in Industrie 4.0. Mit Bedrohungen und Risiken umgehen

AuthorSelzer, Annika; Schöning, Harald; Laabs, Martin; Dukanovic, Sinisa; Henkel, Thorsten; Steven, Marion
AbstractThe “industry 4.0” concept is intended to create new economic development opportunities for Germany as a high-tech production location through the digitalization, harmonization and networking of value-creation processes. Recent developments have shown that these growth opportunities can only be used to economic advantage if production reliability can be guaranteed at all stages of the value-creation chain. Otherwise, there is a risk of data loss, espionage and sabotage, which can lead to major damage in a control and communications system that is universally networked. This volume introduces the topic of production security in an easily understandable, clearly structured form, illustrating the importance of integrity, availability, accountability and confidentiality of operational data.
IsbnISBN 978-3-17-033387-1
PublisherKohlhammer, Stuttgart