Industry 4.0

Within Industry 4.0 production and state-of-the-art information and communication technologies are interlocked. Driving force of this development is the rapidly increasing digitalization of economy and society. Digitalization is changing the way of production and work in Germany in the future. The linkage of production is a principal future-opportunity for Germany, however corporations and institutions are increasingly confronted with highly professional cyberattacks. Apart from conventional dangers, such as viruses and Trojans, new attacks especially designed for industrial control systems are threatening the interlinked industrial facilities. This concerns a profoundly targeted and over a longer period of time designed manipulation or sabotage of facilities and their control mechanism. Ultimately the aim is to access data, important knowledge and company secrets. ATHENE-Scientists are developing technologies that support the M2M-communiation in the context of Industry 4.0 efficiently and safely. These technological solutions include hardware-based security, protocols, security management and monitoring. Furthermore support for security tests, development and certification is offered.

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