StartUps from the ATHENE ecosystem

The following innovative IT security start-ups have evolved from the ATHENE ecosystem. In addition to these start-ups, there are currently other start-up projects that are in the development phase and will be established in the near future. As soon as these projects have been founded, they will also be listed here.

The selection does not claim to be complete.


Only password free login is secure and easy to use.


Patch Pilot

The Patch Pilot automates vulnerability and risk management in companies securely, quickly and solution-oriented.


meshcloud reduces cloud complexity - one of the biggest challenges of cloud transformation

Prochain (Perun Network)

Fast, secure blockchain systems of the next generation

Prochain is funded by the StartUpSecure program by the BMBF.  

QuantiCor Security GmbH

Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions for IoT. Quantum computer-resistant.

QuantiCor Security is funded by the StartUpSecure Program by the BMBF.