A Privacy-aware Data Access System for Automotive Applications: Paper presented at 15th ESCAR Europe, Conference on Embedded Security in Cars, Berlin, Germany, November 7th to 8th, 2017

AutorPlappert, Christian; Zelle, Daniel; Krauss, Christoph; Lange, Benjamin; Mauthofer, Sebastian; Walter, Jonas; Abendroth, Bettina; Robrahn, Rasmus; Pape, Thilo von; Decke, Hendrik
ArtPresentation, Electronic Publication
AbstraktThe introduction of Information technology (IT) in modern vehicles enables a plethora of new applications ranging from value added services up to autonomous driving vehicles. However, this also introduces new threats with regard to IT security and privacy. In this paper, we discuss the new privacy issues and propose a privacy-aware data access system for automotive applications. Our system informs the user over all privacy aspects and enables him to control third-party access to his personal data. We developed an easily usable human machine interface (HMI) and an underlying policy system to control data flows which is compliant to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our system can be easily integrated in future automotive architectures.
KonferenzConference on Embedded Security in Cars (ESCAR Europe) <15, 2017, Berlin>