Security Module for the Electric Vehicle Charging System - Proposal for a Protection Profile: Version 1.0, November 2019

AutorFuchs, Andreas; Krauß, Christoph; Lahr, Norman; Petri, Richard
AbstraktIn the field of eMobility, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are charged using a Charge Point (CP). To enable a trustworthy and reliable charging and billing process for the transferred electrical energy, data is exchanged between the vehicle and the CP through the charge cable and specific protocols are applied. Further, the CP is part of an infrastructure that connects the point on the one hand to the energy grid and to an energy provider, billing system, and other valueadded service providers on the other hand. The inter­national standardisation system has created a basis for communication between an electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure in the form of inter­national standard ISO/IEC15118, which is already in place. ISO/IEC15118 defines the communication between the electric vehicle and the CP. However, some protocols that are required for the value-added services are extensions of ISO/IEC15118.
SerieSIT Technical Reports SIT-TR-2019-03
PublisherFraunhofer SIT, Darmstadt
ProjektBundes­ministerium fur Wirtschaft und Energie BMWi (Deutschland)/