ai.dopt enables customers to identify use cases, evaluate the technical feasibility and added value, realize the potential value and ensure the long-term security of AI models.


AI-driven cybersecurity for businesses, focusing on SMEs. Enhance risk management, deploy strong defenses, get assessments as needed, and consult expert forums.


DEVITY uses cryptographic identities to connect industrial components such as sensors and controllers.

Fuse.Space is a social infrastructure & collaborative workspace for creative people. We disrupt the way creators capture and protect the value of intellectual property and its creative process.


Identeco protects accounts - no compromise. Protect customer relationships and employee accounts from account takeover - under full control in your own infrastructure, without sending personal data.

Lubis EDA

Microchips determine and change our lives in all areas. Lubis EDA ensures that these microchips are developed faster, more reliably and bug-free.


Queryella analyzes apps for potential security and privacy issues in outstanding depth. Our platform integrates research-based and established analyses and unifi es their results for your use cases.


We make embedded devices more secure!

Our product, the SANCTUARY Zero-Trust Platform, is a software solution that pro-actively encapsulates software components on the device to prevent security breaches.


SAVIAN enables companies to collaborate with data in an easy and secure way. Our plug-and-play solution saves time and resources in the implementation of data collaboration.


Timelords takes pride in off ering trustworthy high-quality timing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Based on cutting-edge research, we engineer the 5G and 6G time infrastructure of the future.


VALIDAITOR develops tools and platform to ensure quality in AI/ML systems. With our platform, companies can automate the validation of their ML models and enjoy the continuous certifi cation.