Study opportunities IT Security in Darmstadt

Our dependence on information technologies is steadily growing, whether in business, the financial world, politics or for private individuals – IT security affects every one of us. This has turned IT security into a core concern for many areas of life and industry, and its importance continues to grow. Today, graduates who complete a course of study with a concentration in IT security enjoy bright career prospects.

Whether a Master’s degree in IT Security at TU Darmstadt or a specialization in IT Security at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, students are being prepared to tackle the ever-changing and increasing demands for IT security.

Students have the opportunity to gain inter­national experience through an exchange semester abroad or a course of study at one of TU Darmstadt’s partner universities.

Master of Science IT Security at TU Darmstadt

Information technology is crucial for many areas of life as well as for diverse industries such as health, mobility, entertainment, manufacturing, logistics and finance.

Development in these areas has always and continues to depend on sustainably maintaining the security of IT systems. IT security prevents potentially enormous economic damage that can be caused by hacker attacks or economic espionage, and even harm to life and limb through manipulated or unreliable embedded systems.

Students enrolled in the M.Sc. program for IT Security at TU Darmstadt acquire comprehensive knowledge in the areas of cryptography, system security and software security along with the classic areas of Computer Science.
The career opportunities that exist for graduates of the Master's degree program for IT Security are excellent.

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IT Security specialization at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Since November 2009, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has offered a specialization in IT Security within its Computer Science Master’s degree program.

Students who choose to pursue this specialization are required to complete at least 24 ECTS from the corresponding security course catalog during the first segment of their studies (regulation semesters 1 to 3) and complete a Master’s thesis about a suitable security-related topic.

The specialization is confirmed on the Master's transcript.

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The Cooperative Study Programme IT Security (Bachelor of Science)

With the course model KITS (Cooperative Study Programme IT Security) as well as the compulsory course IT Security in the first semester of the bachelor's program in Computer Science, the h_da sustainably strengthens teaching in this field.

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Academic cooperation between TU Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

The Computer Science Department at TU Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) open a number of courses for students from other institutions. This cooperation relates to courses offered within the TU Darmstadt's IT Security Master’s program and the Master’s program in Computer Science with a specialization in IT Security at h_da.

Students from h_da can enroll in various courses at TU Darmstadt; the number h_da students able to participate is limited.

A maximum of 15 CPs from the TU Darmstadt catalog will be recognized by h_da (note: this corresponds to half of the total credits needed to satisfy the requirements of the specialization).
All modules imported to h_da from TU Darmstadt as of Summer Semester 2010 will be assigned to the AS study catalog.

At the beginning of each semester, students can take advantage of preliminary meetings to receive personal information and clarification about any additional questions or about the allocation of spots in the case of excess demand.

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