Funding program

For innovative startup projects related to cyber security

The StartUpSecure funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports innovative startup projects in two phases.

The aim of the development phase (Phase I) is to expand the technical feasibility of a startup idea and evaluate the market.

In the startup phase (Phase II), the focus is on transferring the idea to industry, testing initial application scenarios and implementing the business model pursued.

Since the start of the initiative, we have already successfully supported 18 startup projects. We present some of them to you in the startup section.

Our team is the central point of contact for all matters relating to the funding program and provides intensive support for innovative and promising project proposals during the successful application process and beyond.

Further information on the funding program can be found here.

Questions about the StartUpSecure funding program?

We offer a monthly counselling appointment to answer all your questions about the funding program. If you are interested, you can also arrange for individual consultation appointments by email.