National Research Center
for Applied Cybersecurity

Science calls for "Never Again"

Darmstadt scientists launch campaign against anti-semitism - start of signature campaign.

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With Melanie Volkamer

She talks about: "Usable Verifiable Internet Voting Systems"

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Careers in cyber security - Senior positions available

Outstanding scientists wanted for leading positions

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ATHENE: Applied cybersecurity research for industry, society and government

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LOEWE Top Professorship for Prof. Carsten Binnig

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Career at ATHENE

Make the world of tomorrow safe with us. We have attractive positions to fill and offer excellent working conditions.

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Germany's leading innovation community for cybersecurity start-ups has formed around ATHENE. We are part of the national Digital Hub Initiative and the StartUpSecure Initiative.

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Conference Radar

We compose for you the dates and submission deadlines of renowned cybersecurity conferences.

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