A Survey of 6D Object Detection Based on 3D Models for Industrial Applications

AuthorGorschlüter, Felix; Rojtberg, Pavel; Pöllabauer, Thomas Jürgen
TypeJournal Article
AbstractSix-dimensional object detection of rigid objects is a problem especially relevant for quality control and robotic manipulation in industrial contexts. This work is a survey of the state of the art of 6D object detection with these use cases in mind, specifically focusing on algorithms trained only with 3D models or renderings thereof. Our first contribution is a listing of requirements typically encountered in industrial applications. The second contribution is a collection of quantitative evaluation results for several different 6D object detection methods trained with synthetic data and the comparison and analysis thereof. We identify the top methods for individual requirements that industrial applications have for object detectors, but find that a lack of comparable data prevents large-scale comparison over multiple aspects.