A template consensus method for visual tracking

AuthorZhou, Tong-xue; Zeng, Dong-dong; Zhu, M.; Kuijper, Arjan
TypeJournal Article
AbstractVisual tracking is a challenging problem in computer vision. Recently, correlation filter-based trackers have shown to provide excellent tracking performance. Inspired by a sample consensus approach proposed for foreground detection, which classifies a given pixel as foreground or background based on its similarity to recently observed samples, we present a template consensus tracker based on the kernelized correlation filter (KCF). Instead of keeping only one target appearance model in the KCF, we make a feature pool to keep several target appearance models in our method and predict the new target position by searching for the location of the maximal value of the response maps. Both quantitative and qualitative evaluations are performed on the CVPR2013 tracking benchmark dataset. The results show that our proposed method improves the original KCF tracker by 8.17% in the success plot and 8.11% in the precision plot.