Alignment and Reassembly of Broken Specimens for Creep Ductility Measurements

AuthorKnauthe, Volker; Kraus, Maurice; Buelow, Max von; Wirth, Tristan; Rak, Arne; Merth, Laurenz; Erbe, Alexander; Kontermann, Christian; Guthe, Stefan; Kuijper, Arjan; Fellner, Dieter
TypeConference Paper
AbstractDesigning new types of heat-resistant steel components is an important and active research field in material science. It requires detailed knowledge of the inherent steel properties, especially concerning their creep ductility. Highly precise automatic stateof-the-art approaches for such measurements are very expensive and often times invasive. The alternative requires manual work from specialists and is time consuming and unrobust. In this paper, we present a novel approach that uses a photometric scanning system for capturing the geometry of steel specimens, making further measurement extractions possible. In our proposed system, we apply calibration for pan angles that occur during capturing and a robust reassembly for matching two broken specimen pieces to extract the specimen’s geometry. We compare our results against μCT scans and found that it deviates by 0.057mm on average distributed over the whole specimen for a small amount of 36 captured images. Additionally, comparisons to manually measured values indicate that our system leads to more robust measurements.
ConferenceSymposium on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2022
PublisherThe Eurographics Association
ProjectKomprimierte Datenstrukturen für Echtzeitrendering