Automatic procedural model generation for 3D object variation

AuthorGetto, Roman; Kuijper, Arjan; Fellner, Dieter W.
TypeJournal Article
Abstract3D objects are used for numerous applications. In many cases not only single objects but also variations of objects are needed. Procedural models can be represented in many different forms, but generally excel in content generation. Therefore this representation is well suited for variation generation of 3D objects. However, the creation of a procedural model can be time-consuming on its own. We propose an automatic generation of a procedural model from a single exemplary 3D object. The procedural model consists of a sequence of parameterizable procedures and represents the object construction process. Changing the parameters of the procedures changes the surface of the 3D object. By linking the surface of the procedural model to the original object surface, we can transfer the changes and enable the possibility of generating variations of the original 3D object. The user can adapt the derived procedural model to easily and intuitively generate variations of the original object. We allow the user to define variation parameters within the procedures to guide a process of generating random variations. We evaluate our approach by computing procedural models for various object types, and we generate variations of all objects using the automatically generated procedural model.