Brief Announcement: Temporal Locality in Online Algorithms

AuthorPacut, MacIej; Parham, Mahmoud; Rybicki, Joel; Schmid, Stefan; Suomela, Jukka; Tereshchenko, Aleksandr
TypeConference Paper
AbstractOnline algorithms make decisions based on past inputs, with the goal of being competitive against an algorithm that sees also future inputs. In this work, we introduce time-local online algorithms; these are online algorithms in which the output at any given time is a function of only T latest inputs. Our main observation is that time-local online algorithms are closely connected to local distributed graph algorithms: distributed algorithms make decisions based on the local information in the spatial dimension, while time-local online algorithms make decisions based on the local information in the temporal dimension. We formalize this connection, and show how we can directly use the tools developed to study distributed approximability of graph optimization problems to prove upper and lower bounds on the competitive ratio achieved with time-local online algorithms. Moreover, we show how to use computational techniques to synthesize optimal time-local algorithms.
ConferenceInternational Symposium on Distributed Computing 2022