Collaborative Security Patterns for Automotive Electrical/Electronic Architectures

AuthorFenzl, Florian; Plappert, Christian; Rieke, Roland; Zelle, Daniel; Costantino, Gianpiero; Vincenzi, Marco De; Matteucci, Ilaria
TypeBook Article
AbstractIn this chapter, we describe several security design patterns that collaboratively consider various cybersecurity aspects with the aim to ensure compliance with cybersecurity requirements for a certified cybersecurity and software update management system imposed by the recent United Nations regulations. Automated driving requires increasing networking of vehicles, which in turn expands their attack surface. The security design patterns enable the detection of anomalies in the firmware at boot, ensure secure communication in the vehicle and detect anomalies in in-vehicle communications, prevent unauthorized electronic control units from successfully transmitting messages, provide a way to transmit and aggregate security-related events within a vehicle network, and report to entities external to the vehicle. Using the example of a future high-level automotive Electrical/Electronic architecture, we also describe how these security design patterns can be used to become aware of the current attack situation and to react to it.
ProjectEdge enabled Privacy and Security Platform for Multi Modal Transport