Computer Graphics: From Research to Commodity to New Highs [Graphically Speaking]

AuthorStork, A.
TypeJournal Article
AbstractGraphically Speaking seeks articles that communicate the possibilities and importance of computer graphics techniques to help create and gain insights into processes and phenomena otherwise hard/much harder to grasp. We, the editors, are interpreting this goal pretty flexibly not binding it to 'just' visualization. We also like to open the research community to certain trends and developments and try to find papers that underpin the need for new research in certain directions; for example, we had articles trying to push synergies between InfoVis and 3-D SciVIs and a contribution pushing for more research into homogenized representation schemes for geometric modeling and physics-based simulation. After roughly seven years as column editor, I thought it may be a good point in time to reflect on where I think computer graphics is coming from and where it is heading.