Context-Based Zero-Interaction Pairing and Key Evolution for Advanced Personal Devices

AuthorMiettinen, Markus; Asokan, N.; Nguyen, Thien Duc; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza; Sobhani, Majid
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractSolutions for pairing devices without prior security associations typically require users to actively take part in the pairing process of the devices. Scenarios involving new types of devices like Internet-of-Things (IoT) appliances and wearable devices make it, however, desirable to be able to pair users' personal devices without user involvement. In this paper, we present a new approach for secure zero-interaction pairing suitable for IoT and wearable devices. We primarily require pairing to happen between ``correct" devices -- the devices that the user intends to pair. Our pairing scheme identifies the correct devices based on measuring sustained co-presence over time. We do this by having the devices compute a fingerprint of their ambient context using information gathered through commonly available sensor modalities like ambient noise and luminosity. We introduce a novel robust and inexpensive approach for fingerprinting contexts over time. Co-present devices will observe roughly similar context fingerprints that we use in a key evolution protocol to gradually increase the confidence in the authenticity of the correct devices. Our experiments show the effectiveness of this approach for zero-interaction pairing.
InProc. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security