Context determines content: an approach to resource recommendation in folksonomies

AuthorRodenhausen, Thomas; Anjorin, Mojisola; Dominguez Garcia, Renato; Rensing, Christoph
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractBy means of tagging in social bookmarking applications, so called folksonomies emerge collaboratively. Folksonomies have shown to contain information that is beneficial for resource recommendation. However, as folksonomies are not designed to support recommendation tasks, there are drawbacks of the various recommendation techniques. Graph-based recommendation in folksonomies for example suffers from the problem of concept drift. Vector space based recommendation approaches in folksonomies suffer from sparseness of available data. In this paper, we propose the flexible framework VSScore which incorporates context-specific information into the recommendation process to tackle these issues. Additionally, as an alternative to the evaluation methodology LeavePostOut we propose an adaptation LeaveRTOut for resource recommendation in folksonomies. In a subset of resource recommendation tasks evaluated, the proposed recommendation framework VSScore performs significantly more effective than the baseline algorithm FolkRank.
SerieRSWeb '12
InProceedings of the 4th ACM RecSys workshop on Recommender systems and the social web, p.17-24