DEMO: Using NexMon, the C-based WiFi firmware modification framework

AuthorSchulz, Matthias; Wegemer, Daniel; Hollick, Matthias
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractFullMAC WiFi chips have the potential to realize modifications to WiFi implementations that exceed the limits of current standards or to realize the implementation of new standards, such as 802.11p, on off-the-shelve hardware. As a developer, one, however, needs access to the firmware source code to implement these modifications. In general, WiFi firmwares are closed source and do not allow any modifications. With our C-based programming framework, NexMon, we allow the extension of existing firmware of Broadcom's FullMAC WiFi chips. In this work, we demonstrate how to get started by running existing example projects and by creating a new project to transmit arbitrary frames with a Nexus 5 smartphone.
InProceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Security & Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec 2016), p.213-215