Do You Hear What I Hear? Using Acoustic Probing to Detect Smartphone Locations

AuthorDiaconita, Irina; Reinhardt, Andreas; Englert, Frank; Christin, Delphine; Steinmetz, Ralf
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractMany context-aware smartphone applications depend on specific conditions for gathering data, e.g., specific phone locations or orientations. As a result, the significant overhead of keeping all this information in mind is imposed on their users. Besides averting the interest of potential application users, these requirements defeat one of the main purposes of these mobile data collection, namely simplifying life through mobile sensing applications. This is not a problem that solely affects the users, but the developers of the applications alike. As even the most diligent users often do not manage to follow the strict data collection guidelines at all times, errors in the collected data may ultimately lead to the provision of wrong services and thus to degraded application quality. In this paper, we thus present a solution to determine the location of a phone in order to support context-aware applications. It offers the possibility to detect the position of the phone with an accuracy of 97 %, as well as being able to correlate it with the type of the location of the user. Our system can be used to improve existing mobile sensing applications by facilitating various services that depend on the phone location, e.g., seamlessly adapting the ringtone volume or setting a phone's flight mode.
SeriePerCom Workshops 2014
In2014 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication Workshops (PERCOM WORKSHOPS), p.1-9