Does my Glucose Level Tell how Energetic I Feel?

AuthorLambusch, Fabienne; Knoblich, Jannik; Weigelt, Oliver; Kraft, Dimitri; Fellmann, Michael; Bieber, Gerald
TypeConference Paper
AbstractNowadays, many organisations steadily have to face new challenges due to an increasing competition, new technologies and manpower shortage. While dealing with this growth of challenges and confronting employees with higher demands, organizations have to pay attention to employees’ personal resources that are connected to their well-being and health. Human energy is a psychological construct connected to different states of experiencing e.g. vigor and vitality, or otherwise fatigue. The subjective experience of human energy varies during the working day. In order to promote employees’ health and well-being, an objective measure to determine human energy levels is needed. In this paper, we report on first insights from a pilot study with 12 healthy participants investigating if human’s glucose concentration can serve as an objective measure of human energy. We analyse the possible interplay between subjective human energy perception during work and sensor-based blood sugar levels, assessed by a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system in healthy adults.
ConferenceInternational Workshop on Sensor-based Activity Recognition and Artificial Intelligence 2022