Don’t accept all and continue: Exploring nudges for more deliberate interaction with tracking consent notices

AuthorGerber, Nina; Stöver, Alina; Peschke, Justin; Zimmermann, Verena
TypeJournal Article
AbstractLegal frameworks rely on users to make an informed decision about data collection, e.g., by accepting or declining the use of tracking technologies. In practice, however, users hardly interact with tracking consent notices on a deliberate website per website level, but usually accept or decline optional tracking technologies altogether in a habituated behavior. We explored the potential of three different nudge types (color highlighting, social cue, timer) and default settings to interrupt this auto-response in an experimental between-subject design with 167 participants. We did not find statistically significant differences regarding the buttons clicked. Our results showed that opt-in default settings significantly decrease tracking technology use acceptance rates. These results are a first step towards understanding the effects of different nudging concepts on users’ interaction with tracking consent notices.
InACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
PublisherACM Press