EnvDASH: An Environment-Aware Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP System

AuthorWilk, Stefan; Schönherr, Sophie; Stohr, Denny; Effelsberg, Wolfgang
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractThe recent advances in adaptive video streaming technologies including Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) are capable to adjust video streams to rapidly changing network conditions. Our system, EnvDASH, differs from those standard implementations as it extends DASH with mechanisms that allow sensing the environmental conditions of a device. EnvDASH leverages that users in mobile situations are often distracted from watching a video or that viewing conditions are severely degraded by adapting the video to reduce the generated network traffic. The system senses if the user is interested in watching a video, if the displaying device is held stable and if the ambient noise level allows listening to an audio track of a video. This is especially helpful as mobile devices usually use capped data volume contracts for the network access.
SerieTVX '15
InProceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video, p.113-118