Fitness Trackers: Fit for Health but Unfit for Security and Privacy

AuthorFereidooni, Hossein; Frassetto, Tommaso; Miettinen, Markus; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza; Conti, Mauro
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractWearable devices for fitness tracking and health monitoring have gained considerable popularity and become one of the fastest growing smart devices market. More and more companies are offering integrated health and activity monitoring solutions for fitness trackers. Recently insurances are offering their customers better conditions for health and condition monitoring. However, the extensive sensitive information collected by tracking products and accessibility by third party service providers poses vital security and privacy challenges on the employed solutions. In this paper, we present our security analysis of a representative sample of current fitness tracking products on the market. In particular, we focus on malicious user setting that aims at injecting false data into the cloud-based services leading to erroneous data analytics. We show that none of these products can provide data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality.
InThe Second IEEE International Workshop on Safe, Energy-Aware, & Reliable Connected Health (CHASE-SEARCH)