Implementation and Evaluation of the EasyVote Tallying Component and Ballot

AuthorBudurushi, Jurlind; Renaud, Karen; Volkamer, Melanie; Woide, Marcel
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractThe German federal constitutional court ruled, in 2009, that elections had to have a public nature. EasyVote, a promising hybrid electronic voting system for conducting elections with complex voting rules and huge ballots, meets this requirement. Two assumptions need to hold, however. The first is that voters will verify the human-readable part of the EasyVote ballot and detect discrepancies. Secondly, that electoral officials will act to verify that the human-readable part of the ballot is identical to the machine-readable part, and that they, too, will detect discrepancies. The first assumption was tested in prior work, so in this paper we examine the viability of the second assumption. 
In6th International Conference on Electronic Voting (EVOTE), p.1 - 8