Improved estimation of motion blur parameters for restoration from a single image

AuthorZhou, Wei; Hao, Xingxing; Wang, Kaidi; Zhang, Zhenyang; Yu, Yongxiang; Su, Haonan; Li, Kang; Cao, Xin; Kuijper, Arjan
TypeJournal Article
AbstractThis paper presents an improved method to estimate the blur parameters of motion deblurring algorithm for single image restoration based on the point spread function (PSF) in frequency spectrum. We then introduce a modification to the Radon transform in the blur angleestimation scheme with our proposed difference value vs angle curve. Subsequently, theauto-correlation matrix is employed to estimate the blur angle by measuring the distancebetween the conjugated-correlated troughs. Finally, we evaluate the accuracy, robustnessand time efficiency of our proposed method with the existing algorithms on the public benchmarks and the natural real motion blurred images. The experimental results demonstratethat the proposed PSF estimation scheme not only could obtain a higher accuracy for theblur angle and blur length, but also demonstrate stronger robustness and higher time efficiency under different circumstances.