Is Our Ability to Detect Errors an Indicator of Mind Wandering? An Experiment Proposal

AuthorConrad, Colin D.; Klesel, Michael; Mayhew, Kydra; O’Neil, Kiera; Oschinsky, Frederike Marie; Usai, Francesco
TypeConference Paper
AbstractMind wandering could have a variety of impacts on information systems phenomena, not least long monotonous tasks. Unfortunately, mind wandering states are difficult to measure objectively. In this paper, we describe work-in-progress to address this problem in a novel way. We describe two studies that will observe participants’ ability to detect errors in a task as a correlate of mind wandering. Demonstrating the technique using a lecture paradigm, the studies employ previously investigated methods of measuring mind wandering as a baseline for the new technique. If successful, we will demonstrate a new method for measuring mind wandering that can be applicable to a broad range of information systems and psychological studies.
ConferenceConference "NeuroIS Retreat" 2022