IT for Peace? Fighting Against Terrorism in Social Media - An Explorative Twitter Study

AuthorReuter, Christian; Pätsch, Katja; Runft, Elena
TypeJournal Article
AbstractThe Internet and especially social media are not only used for supposedly good purposes. For example, the recruitment of new members and the dissemination of ideologies of terrorism also takes place in the media. However, the fight against terrorism also makes use of the same tools. The type of these countermeasures, as well as the methods, are covered in this work. In the first part, the state of the art is summarized. The second part presents an explorative empirical study of the fight against terrorism in social media, especially on Twitter. Different, preferably characteristic forms are structured within the scope with the example of Twitter. The aim of this work is to approach this highly relevant subject with the goal of peace, safety and safety from the perspective of information systems. Moreover, it should serve following researches in this field as basis and starting point.
Ini-com: Journal of Interactive Media, p.181-195
PublisherDe Gruyter