Large Room Scale Augmented Reality in an Unaltered World Heritage Site

AuthorOlbrich, Manuel; Zapf, Andreas; Stiegemann, Christoph; Pröbe, Annika
TypeConference Paper
AbstractAugmented Reality (AR) has found use in cultural heritage exhibitions in many forms during the last decade [BBG∗22], but usually by preparing the environment with markers or focusing on smaller exhibits like single statues [KKK∗14]. In this paper we present our approach to apply the technology to a larger unaltered environment. We show how we use Augmented Reality in this cultural heritage site to superimpose what was lost in time over what is preserved today, and virtually illustrate different aspects of the creation or reconstruction. Furthermore, we explain how the application, which is purely an extension of guided tours, is set up so that the guide can control the visitor’s experience and steer them to the current point of interest. In this way, the visitor moving through the room is virtually shown the originally existing rich design of the cultural heritage site and is able to access it.
ConferenceWorkshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2023
PublisherThe Eurographics Association
ProjectPerceptive Enhanced Realities of Colored collEctions through AI and Virtual Experiences