Leveraging test generation and specification mining for automated bug detection without false positives

AuthorPradel, Michael; Gross, Thomas R.
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractMining specifications and using them for bug detection is a promising way to reveal bugs in programs. Existing approaches suffer from two problems. First, dynamic specification miners require input that drives a program to generate common usage patterns. Second, existing approaches report false positives, that is, spurious warnings that mislead developers and reduce the practicability of the approach. We present a novel technique for dynamically mining and checking specifications without relying on existing input to drive a program and without reporting false positives. Our technique leverages automatically generated tests in two ways: Passing tests drive the program during specification mining, and failing test executions are checked against the mined specifications. The output are warnings that show with concrete test cases how the program violates commonly accepted specifications. Our implementation reports no false positives and 54 true positives in ten well-tested Java programs.
SerieICSE '12
InProceedings of the 34th International Conference on Software Engineering, p.288-298
PublisherIEEE Press