Liveness Detection Competition - Noncontact-based Fingerprint Algorithms and Systems (LivDet-2023 Noncontact Fingerprint)

AuthorPurnapatra, Sandip; Rezaie, Humaira; Jawade, Bhavin; Liu, Yu; Pan, Yue; Brosell, Luke; Sumi, Mst Rumana; Igene, Lambert; Dimarco, Alden; Setlur, Srirangaraj; Dey, Soumyabrata; Schuckers, Stephanie; Huber, Marco; Kolf, Jan Niklas; Fang, Meiling; Damer, Naser; Adami, Banafsheh; Chitic, Raul; Seelert, Karsten; Mistry, Vishesh; Parthe, Rahul; Kacar, Umit
TypeConference Paper
AbstractLiveness Detection (LivDet) is an international competition series open to academia and industry with the objective to assess and report state-of-the-art in Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). LivDet-2023 Noncontact Fingerprint is the first edition of the noncontact fingerprint-based PAD competition for algorithms and systems. The competition serves as an important benchmark in noncontact-based fingerprint PAD, offering (a) independent assessment of the state-of-the-art in noncontact-based fingerprint PAD for algorithms and systems, and (b) common evaluation protocol, which includes finger photos of a variety of Presentation Attack Instruments (PAIs) and live fingers to the biometric research community (c) provides standard algorithm and system evaluation protocols, along with the comparative analysis of state-of-the-art algorithms from academia and industry with both old and new android smartphones. The winning algorithm achieved an APCER of 11.35% averaged over all PAIs and a BPCER of 0.62%. The winning system achieved an APCER of 13.0.4%, averaged over all PAIs tested over all the smartphones, and a BPCER of 1.68% over all smartphones tested. Four-finger systems that make individual finger-based PAD decisions were also tested. The dataset used for competition will be available, to all researchers as per data share protocol.
ConferenceInternational Joint Conference on Biometrics 2023
ProjectNext Generation Biometric Systems