Method for distributing applets, and entities for distributing applets

AuthorDmitrienko, Alexandra; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza
TypePatent, Electronic Publication
AbstractThe application discloses a method and a system, as well as entities for distributing applets. In one embodiment, the method includes certifying an applet, a, by a stakeholder, S, by (a) submitting, by a developer, D, the applet, a, and an applet policy, P, to the stakeholder, S, for certification; (b)generating, by the stakeholder, an applet key, K a , certifying the applet, and storing the applet key, K a , and the certified applet, ea; and installing the applet in a secure environment, E, connectable to a host, H, by (a) sending, by the host, a secure environment identifier, id E , and an applet identifier, id a , to the stakeholder and requesting, by the host, a token, T a , from the stakeholder, wherein the token is encrypted using a secure environment key, K E , and the encrypted token includes at least the applet key; (b) receiving the token, by the host; (c) sending, by the host, the certified applet and the token to the secure environment; (d) installing, by the secure environment, the certified applet in the secure environment using information extracted from the token.