Mouse mode of OnScreenDualScribe: three types of keyboard-driven mouse replacement

AuthorFelzer, Torsten; Rinderknecht, Stephan
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractAn innovative type of keyboard-driven mouse control, called DualMouse, is introduced. In addition to allowing its user to perform pointer operations using the keyboard only, the technique, currently implemented as a stand-alone program, facilitates precise clicking by zooming in on the target area. This work is part of a larger project about OnScreenDualScribe, a tool tailored to the needs of persons with neuromuscular diseases, replacing the large standard keyboard with a small number pad-like special-purpose keyboard. Although OnScreenDualScribe has its primary focus on text entry, efficient usage calls for an integrated mouse mode. We believe that DualMouse has the potential to make OnScreenDualScribe an even more helpful tool, and we justify that claim by comparing it to other possibilities.
SerieCHI EA '13
InCHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p.1593-1598