NoPhish: Evaluation of a web application that teaches people being aware of phishing attacks

AuthorKunz, Alexandra; Volkamer, Melanie; Stockhardt, Simon; Palberg, Sven; Lottermann, Tessa; Piegert, Eric
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractPhishing has evolved to a serious cause of risk in our daily contact with the World Wide Web. Therefore, different extensions and plugins for web browsers were developed to detect phishing websites. To furthermore minimize the risk of falling for a phishing attack, the users themselves have to be educated. Therefore, the online game "NoPhish" has been developed, which explains the basics of phishing attacks and how to detect them efficiently. In the following study, the success rate of this online tool was measured. The goal was to determine which phishing strategies are effective in fooling users, which strategies can be practised well and which strategies are still effective in fooling users after having been taught by some educational material. The effectiveness of "NoPhish" in increasing users’ security awareness and the ability of detecting phishing URLs could be proven. Furthermore, it could be determined which types of phishing should be drawn special attention to in future development of phishing education material. 
InJahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, p.509--518
PublisherLecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)