On the security, privacy and usability of online seals

AuthorTschofenig, Hannes; Volkamer, Melanie; Jentzsch, Nicola; Fischer-Hübner, Simone; Schiffner, Stefan; Tirtea, Rodica
AbstractThis report analyses the conditions under which online security and privacy seals (OSPS) can be deployed to support users to make an informed trust decision about Web services and their providers with respect to the provided security and privacy. This report is motivated by the numerous policy documents, that mention marks, seals, logos, icons, (collectively referred as OSPS) as a mean enabling users to judge on the trustworthiness of services offered on the Web. The field of OSPSs has also developed in maturity. Therefore, we aim at analysing the current situation and identified key challenges for online signals in practise. Based on these challenges, this report identifies possible solutions and corresponding recommendations and next steps that ENISA and other stakeholders should follow for enabling users in judging on the trustworthiness of services offered on the Web.