Privacy-friendly Synthetic Data for the Development of Face Morphing Attack Detectors

AuthorDamer, Naser; López, César Augusto Fontanillo; Fang, Meiling; Spiller, Noemie; Pham, Minh Vu; Boutros, Fadi
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe main question this work aims at answering is: ”can morphing attack detection (MAD) solutions be successfully developed based on synthetic data?”. Towards that, this work introduces the first synthetic-based MAD development dataset, namely the Synthetic Morphing Attack Detection Development dataset (SMDD). This dataset is utilized successfully to train three MAD backbones where it proved to lead to high MAD performance, even on completely unknown attack types. Additionally, an essential aspect of this work is the detailed legal analyses of the challenges of using and sharing real biometric data, rendering our proposed SMDD dataset extremely essential. The SMDD dataset, consisting of 30,000 attack and 50,000 bona fide samples, is publicly available for research purposes.
ConferenceConference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops 2022
PublisherIEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS)
ProjectNext Generation Biometric Systems