Privacy preserving leak detection in peer-to-peer communication

AuthorHeeger, Julian; Bugert, Simon; Berchtold, Waldemar; Gruler, Alexander; Steinebach, Martin
TypeJournal Article
AbstractDuring the pandemic the usage of video platforms skyrocketed among office workers and students and even today, when more and more events are held on-site again, the usage of video platforms is at an all-time high. However, the many advantages of these platforms cannot hide some problems. In the professional field, the publication of audio recordings without the consent of the author can get him into trouble. In education, another problem is bullying. The distance from the victim lowers the inhibition threshold for bullying, which means that platforms need tools to combat it. In this work, we present a system, which can not only identify the person leaking the footage, but also identify all other persons present in the footage. This system can be used in both described scenarios.
ConferenceInternational Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2023