RankASco: A Visual Analytics Approach to Leverage Attribute-Based User Preferences for Item Rankings

AuthorSchmid, Jenny; Cibulski, Lena; Hazwani, Ibrahim al; Bernard, Jürgen
TypeConference Paper
AbstractItem rankings are useful when a decision needs to be made, especially if there are multiple attributes to be considered. However, existing tools either do not support both categorical and numerical attributes, require programming expertise for expressing preferences on attributes, do not offer instant feedback, or lack flexibility in expressing various types of user preferences. In this work, we present RankASco: a human-centered visual analytics approach that supports the interactive and visual creation of rankings. RankASco leverages a series of visual interfaces, enabling broad user groups to a) select attributes of interest, b) express preferences on attribute scorings based on different mental models, and c) analyze and refine item ranking results.
ConferenceInternational Workshop on Visual Analytics 2022