ROBBE - Robot-aided processing of assemblies during the dismantling of nuclear power plants

AuthorSantos, Pedro; Recknagel, Jörg; Knuth, Martin; Steinbacher, Klaus; Ritz, Martin; Wassmann, Burkhard; Fellner, Dieter
TypeJournal Article
AbstractFor a successful decommissioning and dismantling of an NPP (Nuclear Power Plant), correct and controlled processing of all components is necessary, whereby a large part of the work relates to coated (mainly painted) steel components, which make up a significant proportion of the total inventory of the power plant to be processed. The contamination of these components is reduced by removing the surface coating using UHP (Ultra-High-Pressure) water jet blasting technology. Thus, the decontaminated material is released to be recycled conventionally after receiving clearance in accordance with Chap. 3 StrlSchV (German Federal Law Gazette 2018 No. 41: StrlSchV, 2018). The manual processing of these individual parts is cost-intensive, so that an autonomous, automated solution is more economical while increasing throughput at repeatable high quality. ROBBE aims at implementing a robot-assisted, automated and autonomous decoating procedure of component groups using UHP water jet blasting technology and implements it ata German NPP in Biblis on an industrial, productive scale.
ProjectRobotergestützte Bearbeitung von Baugruppen beim Rückbau von Kernkraftwerken