Safe AND Secure Infrastructures? - Studying Human Aspects of Safety and Security Incidents with Experts from both Domains

AuthorZimmermann, Verena; Haunschild, Jasmin; Stöver, Alina; Gerber, Nina
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractIn today’s digitalized and interconnected world, the traditionally distinct concepts security and safety are increasingly intertwined. For example, a cyber attack on a hospital can negatively impact the patients’ physical safety. Thus, security research and practice should consider these interactions. To explore human-related challenges at the intersection of safety and security, we conducted three focus group workshops with N= 16 experts from both domains. We introduced two scenarios leading to a power outage, one with a safety-related cause (snow storm) and one with a security-related cause (cyber attack). The experts discussed interactions, differences and parallels in coping with the scenarios. Additionally, potential solutions for building response capacity by including volunteers were explored. The findings indicate similar consequences resulting from the safety- vs. security-related incidents. However, the experts identified relevant differences in the challenges preparing for and coping with the scenarios. While security-related challenges included the incalculable time horizon, impact and cascading effects as well as lack of emergency plans and training, safety challengesmainly concerned accessibility of the affected area. The implications for future work are discussed.
ConferenceMensch und Computer 2023
InMensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband
PublisherGesellschaft für Informatik e.V.