SliM: Enabling Efficient, Seamless NFV State Migration (Poster Paper)

AuthorNobach, Leonhard; Rimac, I.; Hilt, V.; Hausheer, David
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractInstance migration and scale-in/out operations in network functions virtualization (NFV) require state transfer mechanisms, which are known to cause service degradation through increased jitter and packet loss. Techniques such as packet duplication for state synchronization mitigate this problem, however, they incur significant additional costs. In this paper, we provide a novel interface to the VNF to announce “statelets” for incoming packets, which comprise only the information in the packet which is required for a VNF's internal state change. Based on this interface, we design and implement SliM, a statelet-based framework for seamless VNF migration. First evaluation results show that SliM operates seamlessly at very high dataplane utilization of physical links, up to 3 times the utilization level at which existing approaches are failing due to insufficient bandwidth for state synchronization.
In2016 IEEE 24th International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), p.1-2