The Future of IT in Peace and Security

AuthorReuter, Christian; Altmann, Jürgen; Aal, Konstantin; Aldehoff, Larissa; Buchmann, Johannes; Bernhardt, Ute; Denker, Kai; Herrmann, Dominik; Hollick, Matthias; Katzenbeisser, Stefan; Kaufhold, Marc-André; Nordmann, Alfred; Reinhold, Thomas; Riebe, Thea; Ripper, Annette; Ruhmann, Ingo; Saalbach, Klaus-Peter; Schörnig, Niklas; Sunyaev, Ali; Wulf, Volker
AbstractNot only today, but also in the future information technology and the advances in the field of computer science will have a high relevance for peace and security. Naturally, a textbook like this can only cover a selective part of research and a certain point in time. Nonetheless, it can be attempted to identify trends, challenges and venture an outlook into the future. That is exactly what we want to achieve in this chapter: To predict fu-ture developments and try to classify them correctly. These considerations were made both by the editor and the authors involved alike. Therefore, an outlook based on fun-damentals, cyber conflicts and war, cyber peace, cyber arms control, infrastructures as well as social interaction is given.
InInformation Technology for Peace and Security - IT-Applications and Infrastructures in Conflicts, Crises, War, and Peace, p.405-413
PublisherSpringer Vieweg