The Origins of Computer Graphics in Europe: Part 1 - The Beginnings in Germany

AuthorEncarnação, José L.
TypeJournal Article
AbstractThe Visual Computing: Origins Department takes on a new type of topic in this issue: To date, our authors have told their own stories and/or the stories of their laboratories or institutions. This article tells the larger story of establishing and growing computer graphics in Germany and Europe. The topic is so big that the paper will appear in two parts, this issue and the next. The author, José L. Encarnação, was a member of the founding Editorial Board of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (IEEE CG&A) and currently serves as a member of the IEEE CG&A Advisory Board. He describes the paper thusly, "A retrospective insider view from Germany by a participant and contributor." Although parts of this story have been told previously, we are pleased to present this unified version. We hope you enjoy it.