TrustyTweet: An Indicator-based Browser-Plugin to Assist Users in Dealing with Fake News on Twitter

AuthorHartwig, Katrin; Reuter, Christian
TypeConference Proceedings
AbstractThe importance of dealing withfake newsonsocial mediahas increased both in political and social contexts.While existing studies focus mainly on how to detect and label fake news, approaches to assist usersin making their own assessments are largely missing. This article presents a study on how Twitter-users’assessmentscan be supported by an indicator-based white-box approach.First, we gathered potential indicators for fake news that have proven to be promising in previous studies and that fit our idea of awhite-box approach. Based on those indicators we then designed and implemented the browser-plugin TrusyTweet, which assists users on Twitterin assessing tweetsby showing politically neutral and intuitive warnings without creating reactance. Finally, we suggest the findings of our evaluations with a total of 27 participants which lead to further design implicationsfor approachesto assistusers in dealing with fake news.
Conference14th Interantional Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik
InWirtschaftsinformatik Proceedings 2019, p.1844-1855
PublisherAssociation for Information Systems AIS