User-Perception of a Webcam-Based Intervention System for Healthy Habits at Computer Workstations

AuthorSchmidt, Angelina; Kraft, Dimitri; Lambusch, Fabienne; Fellmann, Michael
TypeConference Paper
AbstractFueled by the ongoing digitalization, the amount of computer-based work is on the rise. Employees increasingly spend large parts of their day in front of computer workstations. While this type of work means less physical effort, it can nevertheless cause a range of health problems such as eye strain, back pain, wrist pain, and muscle fatigue and, in the long run, can lead to serious problems. Although some monitoring systems for health-related parameters have been developed so far, few of them provide interventions during work. Also, empirical insights on how users actually perceive such systems are still missing. Hence in our work, we report on first results regarding the user perception of such systems based on CareCam, a webcam-based system for health-promoting interventions. Based on user feedback from real-world usage of the system for one week, we derive insights for the further development of such systems.
ConferenceInternational Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies 2023