Users' Privacy Literacy, Motivation to use Tor and Further Privacy Protecting Behavior

AuthorPlatzer, Florian; Lux, Alexandra
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe concepts of Tor and darknets are usually associated with general anonymity. But this is not always the case. A more nuanced approach is needed that takes into consideration the resources of the potentially deanonymizing party. A connection to the Tor network can be established by using the Tor browser. However, different actors are still able to detect that one is connecting to the Tor network and can thus be traced. Furthermore the execution by the respective users also plays a key role in preserving their privacy. We carried out a study with the goal to gain primary insight into the Tor user group with regard to online privacy literacy and literacy of Tor in particular. Furthermore we examined the relation of motivations to use Tor and further privacy protective behavior through the employment of additional technologies in combination to Tor. Our results show that users who use Tor to protect their data from systems and organizations, have a higher Tor literacy score than Tor users with other motivations for using Tor. Regardless of the motivations for using Tor, encryption such as PGP and the use of Tails/Whonix are the most common additional technologies in combination with Tor.
ConferenceInternational Symposium on Technikpsychologie 2023